Silent Screams
The drones can't hear the groans of people dying on the ground... do we?
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Join the movement to stop the suffering of innocents abroad and at home.  Demand real change!

Please join Americans around the country who are holding house parties with neighbors and friends to educate themselves on the genuine costs of war through the eyes of defenseless civilian victims abroad and the millions in America who suffer hardship as the military/industrial/corporate complex devours increasing tax dollars.

The contents of this House Party Kit include many Iran-themed reports.   This information is intended to educate readers and counter the escalating targeting of Iran by the corporate mainstream media. Submit Silent Screams to air on Public Access Television channels with this link to the Indemnification and Authorization release form signed by Director/Producer Karla Hansen.   

If you are fed up with the misinformation regarding U.S. foreign policy and its costs to humankind at home and abroad then now is the time for action.  Order a House Party Kit, educate yourself and invite others. Join the growing number of peacemakers who are re-imagining a different notion of peace, and who are willing to act to forge it into reality.

Sponsored by Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom ( – learn more and download a publicity poster here!



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