Silent Screams
The drones can't hear the groans of people dying on the ground... do we?
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Karla Hansen, director-producer of Silent Screams, is a social worker and peace activist from Des Moines, Iowa. In 2009 she spent seven weeks in Iran as a visitor and returned as a staunch defender of Iran against foreign intervention. She produced the documentary Silent Screams in the hopes of educating Americans about the Iran that she discovered to be quite different from the demonized portrait routinely found in U.S. mainstream media. Exploring humanitarian issues with a wide lens, Karla intertwines gripping scenes of civilian destruction from U.S. drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan with exclusive footage filmed inside tribal villages in neighboring Iran.

An activist in numerous anti-war organizations, Karla writes and speaks widely on peace and social justice issues.  Following her marriage to Iranian born Ismael Hossein-zadeh in 2007, her focus has increasingly turned to that region of the world. Silent Screams provides a unique glimpse into the stories that bind humanity together and prompts Americans to confront the misinformation shaping public opinion.

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